Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally Taichung gets a Costco

I can't tell you how happy I was when I arrived at my office this morning and noticed a Costco DM sticking out of the mailbox opening. I knew what that meant. We let our membership cards expire over a year ago because it was never that cost effective driving up to Taipei or down to Kaohsiung just to shop at Costco. Not to mention how much we'd overbuy to justify the expense of the trip.

It always bothered me how Taichung gets the short shrift of the central government here. Are they just pissed off that they have to live in Taipei with it's lousy weather and sour-pussedpeople there? As one who used to live there and goes to overseas locales more than Taipei, now we have one less reason to go there.

Hope the people of Taichung appreciate the benefit of Costco on certain types of merchandise: imported meats, vitamins, western-style food products, etc. Now if they'd only work on the landscaping and fit and finish of the new baseball stadium here....

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MW (My Wish) said...

Well, I think I would like to check it out. Is it this weekend for its grand opening here in Taichung?