Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Living vicariously...remembering

I mentioned previously that some friends will be coming over from the States and the time is almost here. I was on the phone(can''t believe I said that-in fact Skype with video) with Paul and getting excited for him. I took advantage of the Net and prepped him with multimedia links on where we'd be going and in what order. The web makes it much easier for someone to mentally prepare due to it's virtual nature. I'm getting excited for my friends because all the places I'll be taking them and Asia and Taiwan are totally new to them. Having Moo Shu Pork from the local take-out joint in Tyson Corners not nearly as far down the rabbit hole as coming here in person.

So Lukang, Sun Moon Lake, Taichung Jade Market(old one by the park), Confucius temple, Computer Alley(they're geeks), NOVA, Sun Moon Lake, Luku, Sanyi and Sheng Shin get ready for us. Hopefully will be rockin' my new video camera during visit. Hoping recent rains haven't done too much damage in any of these areas and that we can keep in the sunshine mode for a while. Don't know about the rest of you Taiwan long-term residents but Typhoon season is a drain on me.

This one for free-I remember one time way back when the McDonalds by Taichung Park ran out of french fries during teh early AM hours when the pub crawlers are about. That totally messed with my head, like Lukang food stands being out of oysters or cow tongue pastries. Ninja what??

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