Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lost spoiler alert?

Well here in Taiwan was the season finale for Season 3 of Lost last night. I have been sitting here most of the day thinking about it on and off trying to decide whether I liked the way they concluded or not. Then it dawned on me-yes I do. I can conclude that because it left me kind of unsure. Anytime a movie or TV show can do that to me is a good sign.

Example-I watched the showing of Inside Man the other day on HBO. I like Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, etc. The end of the movie left me very meh. Nothing to think about. No deep, "what was that?" but rather a disgusted, "What was that?"

Nice that this season of Lost has attracted my son's viewing as well. So we graduated from flashbacks to flash forwards. OK-I'll leave it at that and not spoil. hate when that happens to me. Nice to see some quality TV programming in day and age where it is so far and few between.

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