Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Salty Fruit, TP on table etc.

Foreshadowing: The China Airlines stewardess on my flight over to Taiwan, was very friendly and attentive. Strangely, my request for ice-water produced "ice-less" warm water. When I asked her why she replied, "cold water is not good for you. Warm water is much better."

The first time someone in the office bought fruit I was real excited to have some. I picked up a piece of watermelon, put it in my mouth and tasted the sweet flesh with a strange salty taste as well. I was quite surprised and asked my colleague what was up with that-she smiled and replied, 'salt brings out the sweetness of the fruit and it's better that way."

I remember being quite surprised when one of my colleagues would belch like clockwork every morning after he ate his breakfast at his seat. Strangely I was the only one that would look up.

One of the local eateries near the office, a simple noodle stand would have rolls of toilet paper on top of each table for diners to wipe their hands and mouths with.

So what is my point? The initial shock and dismay was due to 2 cultures colliding. Neither right, and neither wrong but just different in numerous ways. I still love cold water especially during summer time but also drink much more hot tea and soups.I still prefer the fruit without salt but can eat it with, if no other choice. If I do belch out loud (if being the key word) in the presence of a westerner, I quickly excuse myself. Initially, the rolls of tissue or what we call toilet paper seemed really wrong on the table, but it is paper and does work.

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