Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 911

I guess I'll reflect here since I was in Taiwan when 911 occurred. First thing is wishing the families and friends of those lost in 911 are doing better with their pain. I was sitting in friend's restaurant that night when another friend's cell phone rang. He was being informed of The WTC 1st tower being hit. Some bad jokes were made. Surely this whole thing was just a bad joke but... Then the TV was turned on over the bar-the images of horror, devastation and loss were all there. Then my phone rang. An incredulous wife calling to tell me the very place we'd been to on a family trip earlier that year had been attacked. The WTC that I could see daily from my Brooklyn home was soon to be no more. An icon leveled to dust.

All I can say-let's honor the lost by working harder for peace and understanding between each other and by cherishing our loved ones.

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