Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TCB, driving and videoing

Sometimes my business can be fun. Case in point-about 2 weeks ago I had to drive down to TouLiou from Taichung and see a factory. I noticed on the way down that there was a tunnel that goes from the #3 Freeway to Yuan Lin close to my 2nd stop in HuaTan. Had good conversations with both factories and got some great footage which I later published here as "Road". Please check it out.

I almost forgot-the most pleasant part of the trip was coming back from HuaTan I drove 74 Jya extension through the back of BaGua Mountain. That was pretty! Who ever knew?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

OK Twist my arm...

Gonna be going back to Sun Moon Lake this weekend (one of my favorite scenic spots in Taiwan). Will be camping there with my friends and believe it or not, have never camped out in Taiwan in my almost 20 years here. Kevin (my son) is looking forward to this as well.

Update:1st Blogger ate this post(or so I thought). In fact we got biggest typhoon through here in some time. So our trip was canceled. Oh well in fact our condo was rained in in 3 rooms. If you are unfamiliar with strong typhoon rains they don't fall(not vertically anyway) they move horizontally in sheets.

Was a shut in for only 2 days but could feel the cabin fever coming on... Typhoon eve was spent over dinner with an old business associate. We discussed plans to cooperate on production of auto parts so please keep driving those cars...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Scootered to Fengyuan

Yesterday Kevin and I came into office to do some computer stuff. I wanted to head out to Fengyaun and maybe shoot some video stuff and grab some edible goodies by Miao Dong(Temple East side) Fengyuan's iconic landmark. Well no good shots to be had but we came a cross a real treasure of a find( and had some good father and son time). There is a stuffed baked potato stand behind the main food alley. Whoo-talk about serendipity of the gastronomic kind.