Monday, November 19, 2007

Double-chicken epiphany

kian esquire
Recently I was fortunate to enjoy two different chicken meals that were both delicious and great value. One expected and one a surprise. The expected on was the Chicken Roll sandwich at Costco which is kind of like a burrito or roti but with the addition of cheese ands some sauce on the inside. This lovely treat is only NT$69 which is a hair over $2. My son enjoyed the hot dog and coke but managed to get a sample of mine. He said he'll go for the beef roll next time which Costco calls bulgogi-the Korean name for barbecued meat.

The surprise meal came from a Roti stand that opened at the SungJu night market here in Beitun. My wife snagged 3 for only NT$100($3) or NT$40 for one. Man I'm so happy about the roti. I love Indian food and there is some decent stuff around just kind of pricey and a ways from my house. So big props to my wife Anne(for this and a million other things :) ). Gonna track down those Indian guys myself and find out where else they sell.

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