Monday, November 26, 2007

Twin Peaks

Chris & Lara Pawluk
Well this weekend was great for mountain fun. On Sat. I was expecting to just relax around town because my family was going with a group to Shitou on Sun. so I didn't plan any big activities. Later on Sat. I returned a call to my friend(he had called the night before when I was kind of half-sleeping). He asked me if I'd like to go to his cabin with him. This was the 3rd time he asked me since a group of us went the first time. I mistakenly answered in Taiwanese "Gwa boying" meaning I'm not free, instead of saying "Gwa ooying." So I quickly switched to my stronger Mandarin skills to rectify my error. Shortly we were off. This time we got a much earlier start, so the beautiful fall lighting on this clear day could really be enjoyed. After arriving in the town Juolan (below thew mountain his cabin is on) we did a little shopping in some small grocery store. The old lady running it was very friendly and my friend Mr. Shao went about getting his noodles, veggies, and some meat for our impending cookout.

I loved the quaintness and warmth of this little mountain town. It caused me to reflect back on my youth in the Catskill Mountains of lower NY State. I love Taichung but it is so nice to get away from the city and noise and polluted air.

We got to the cabin and were greeted by his brood of chickens and lone cat. The weather was perfect, the air was sweet and you could hear the stream from the valley below. He got about getting the cabin opened and the ingredients for lunch organized. I sensed he wasn't that proficient of a cook so I stepped in doing my best Keith Floyd impersonation and got busy with the knife and cutting board. It was a blast cooking outdoors in this relaxed and natural environment. After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon kicking back and drinking tea.

I look forward to more outings like this. Maybe even with our sons who are friendly too.

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