Monday, December 3, 2007

Bats at Night...

The mentioned bats were in the hands of the Japanese and Korean national baseball teams. They played last night at the Taichung Intercontinental Stadium. What a blast. Great game and atmosphere. The raucous Asian fans really make for a fun time compared with their staid US counterparts. Love the organized cheering color coordinated garb and all that. The energy at the night game was great on a par with the play on the field. Inevitably Japan one but the Korean team was pretty much in the game the whole time. One of the best sports contests I've seen in a while and certainly one of the better live ones I've witnessed. I hope both Japan and Korea make it into the Olympics because I think they'll add to the level of play there.

Taichung's stadium is really cool and sitting above home plate in the upper tier was great for viewing all parts of stadium and the sporadic lights of DaKeng Mountain in the background. We even spotted a couple of brightly lit flower cars that pulled up outside the stadium. Our neighbors were imbibing freely(some Japanese guys) drinking ShaoShing Wine and the ubiquitous Asahi Super Dry one of the tournament sponsors.

All in all it was night well spent. My son was living it up. Score this one-Win/Win.

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