Friday, February 29, 2008

228 Day off

228 Memorial Day was rather quiet and peaceful(here in Taichung anyway). Good mood to reflect. Glad that Taiwan democracy has grown so much since that very sad day and that I've been able to witness most of that growth.Some kid must of had fun painting in the nipples-maybe DPP supporter? Environmentalist?

Tranquil on over-cast day.

Faded blue and rust-I'm so those textures!

Pretty cluster of red leaves couldn't pass up.

Kind of minimalist transformer kind of feel to this...
Yet another park with small temple-was attacted by the restaurant next to it with red lights inside.r
Love the way these 2 buildings appear to meld...

Went down alley, love those off-the-beaten track shots.
This building always caught my eye as very good geometric example.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jaunt with son

Kevin and I(my 13+ year old son) took care of some computer stuff in the office, mainly checking NBA box scores and related videos. I thought since Sunday weather was so nice it'd be good for us to hop on bike and do some cruising. We opted to go from Beitun>Dakeng>Taiping>Toubiankeng. Toubiankeng is in the suburbs of Taiping City in Taichung County and about half way between Taichung and Nantou's Puli.

We bought 5 different kinds of fresh-made baozi here. They were all yummy: meat/cabbage, butter, sesame, taro, and adzuki(red) bean.

Interesting home development-reminded me of a castle. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Clear and a touch cool. Great for bike trip.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 3 of the photo/video walk to work

Really loving this regimen-the walking is good for my body and my eyes and my soul-whoo lots of good there. Taking some great shots with some great lighting in the AM and in the early PM if I catch it right. Great little project I have here. Will keep doing it until it gets to hot and I start sweating onto the lens-oops TMI OK here's more pics.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Honored to be member of Taiwan Photographers

Thanks to Carrie Marshall (the hostess of the rockin:My Several Worlds) for inviting me to join Taiwan Photographers, a blog of some awesome photo work by a number of photo bloggers from here and based here. In fact I was featured there this week.I've loved looking at photos for years but have recently gotten serious about taking them. Below are some images from my recent 2 days of photo-walking to and from my office.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Changing focus of blog

I am changing focus of blog to serve as photo blog for my many photo forays out and about in Taiwan and elsewhere. Hope you enjoy some of my recent shots in Shiluo, Yunlin County. I was there with my family on the 2nd day of Chinese New Years.

Still getting a feel for my Sanyo Xacti CA65 as a still camera. having fun while I learn. Good info on Xacti over at Xacti Users Group. Enjoy flowers and close-ups of natural things.

Was very overcast on the day of the photo shoot so made do with the lighting I had. Nothing like natural light even when it is not abundant.