Friday, February 29, 2008

228 Day off

228 Memorial Day was rather quiet and peaceful(here in Taichung anyway). Good mood to reflect. Glad that Taiwan democracy has grown so much since that very sad day and that I've been able to witness most of that growth.Some kid must of had fun painting in the nipples-maybe DPP supporter? Environmentalist?

Tranquil on over-cast day.

Faded blue and rust-I'm so those textures!

Pretty cluster of red leaves couldn't pass up.

Kind of minimalist transformer kind of feel to this...
Yet another park with small temple-was attacted by the restaurant next to it with red lights inside.r
Love the way these 2 buildings appear to meld...

Went down alley, love those off-the-beaten track shots.
This building always caught my eye as very good geometric example.


ThomasHan said...

Thanks for this post. Didn't know you have this blog too, dang, how many do you have???

Yeah, 228 is a big day in my and my wife's family. I'm sure I've never told you, but her grandfather was actually one of the key people in the incident.

At recent as 2005, the Lin family was finally compensated by the Taiwan government, biggest settlement from the gov't ever relating to 228.

Sad sad time...

Mark Forman said...

Hey Thomas-wow didn't know that. I hope that brought some closure. Heh,I have at least 4 or 5 blogs me thinks. -:)