Monday, February 25, 2008

Jaunt with son

Kevin and I(my 13+ year old son) took care of some computer stuff in the office, mainly checking NBA box scores and related videos. I thought since Sunday weather was so nice it'd be good for us to hop on bike and do some cruising. We opted to go from Beitun>Dakeng>Taiping>Toubiankeng. Toubiankeng is in the suburbs of Taiping City in Taichung County and about half way between Taichung and Nantou's Puli.

We bought 5 different kinds of fresh-made baozi here. They were all yummy: meat/cabbage, butter, sesame, taro, and adzuki(red) bean.

Interesting home development-reminded me of a castle. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Clear and a touch cool. Great for bike trip.

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