Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Composite post

Cherry blossom spotting was the reason behind the outing. These are becoming more and more common in Taiwan-Rock!

Level seems a drop low-should be getting some more rain coming soon.

Nice for all 3 of us to get out and enjoy some early spring weather in the mountains.
Roadside shopping above the LiYu Reservoir in MiaoLi

Wow, so wish Jimi was gonna get on stage and play these colors

Temple fest-break out the Crayolas...

..and she's buying a stairway to heaven...

Baila mi hermanas,balla para mi...

Do the crane move. TaiJi is really beautiful. Must be great exercise...maybe someday...

Love how many folks get out and take advantage of early morning to get some exercise done in the park. The Chinese rock at this.

Walking to work while the world around me gets going. Making the commute.

Nice wooden doors on neighborhood remodel job. Guy must like So Cal style. I sure do.

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